“Granny’s Vocabulary” Series | 2013-2018 | Installation | Textile, Neon, Foamcore | Various dimension
It is no doubt that there is nothing better than a happy childhood. In Granny’s Vocabulary we see the examples of mass textile USSR production that everyone born in Azerbaijan in the end of 1970s – beginning of 1990s associates with the childhood. On these old Soviet rags (carpets, rugs, tablecloth) there are phrases written by neon lights that Soviet grandmas used to say to their grandchildren: ‘Why are you so skinny – haven’t you been fed at home?’, ‘I’ve washed some figs, why are you not eating?’, ‘Don’t run! You will be sweating!’...

These ‘rags’ that used to be very annoying in the childhood, as well as phrases ‘wash your hands’ or ‘go to sleep’, are now full of nostalgia and warm memories for those who have become adults. Combining texts and textiles sensations, the artist makes nostalgia sparkle and shine.

‘Soviet manufactory’, that is impregnated by the past on the chemical level and the neon of modernity create an effect of ’reversed historical perspective’. Time makes an impossible trick: what had irrevocably gone to the past appears in the future and turns into ‘past-in-the-future’ and granny’s grunt turns into ‘more than words’.