The Summer Heat | 2013-2014 | Installation | Various dimension
The main reason for inventing air conditioners was summer heat. A paradox is that for most people ‘comfort’ during summer heat is directly connected to cool and fresh air. The work is inspired by the Baku air conditioners factory ‘BAKKOND’ that was built in 1973-1975 with a license of Japanese firm ‘Toshiba’ and had all-USSR importance.

In 1970s air conditioners could only cool a place, but modern technologies allow us to feel summer heat even on a cold winter day. However, the factory was not modernized. After USSR collapsed, the factory had been slowly agonizing and was finally shut in 2004. Aroud 3000 workers lost their job. Factory’s conditioners never learned to ‘warm’. Installation ‘Summer Heat’ is a visual metaphor of an air conditioner, which main purpose is to constantly create and support an artificially cool summer.

*The exhibition was held at abandoned Baku Air Condition Plant building.