Rewriting Childhood | 2022 | Total Installation
Is my object assigned to a new meaning when taken by someone I don't know?

*Objects as a physical documentation of personality

*The deeply personal yet complicated relationship with the physicality of the objects

*Relationships with objects are similar to personal relationships between people


*Spirit and vibrancy of objects

*Compulsive hoarding

*Fetishization of objects

*Consumerism and society

*Formation and closure

*Public and private relations

*Environmental sustainability

I take the space as a task to freelize the object, endowing it with new properties. By assigning new meanings to an object, one can achieve the sacredness of the things. This is now a readymade recollection.

I change with age, and the formed basis of the times of the initial stages of personality development is fundamental.

These are not just my things; these are things that have become mine (Archive of best friend Ilyas, objects found on the streets, photographs of strangers)

The project of the artist Farhad Farzali, "Rewriting Childhood" tells about the relationship between objects of the physical world and a person, the formation of a child's personality, as well as about different forms of memory and continuity.

The exhibition space presents my personal belongings collected and preserved from 3 y.o to today, as well as an archive of self-made video-audio-photo materials. In a way, for almost 30 years, I romanticized the objects yet presented the space as a physical memory archive. What would it look like if you, me, and we all collected everything everywhere in 30 years? As we grow older, we acquire knowledge, experience, and physical objects. Thanks to the various artifacts presented in the project, it is possible to reveal the connection between the multiple stages or stages of development of artistic practice, the essence of which is the preservation of some aspects of the whole or its characteristics during the transition to a new state. When objects acquire the property of subjectivity, they cease to be consumers, impersonal, and subordinate. Instead of stubbornly seeking subjectivity (which is also an important job), you can give it to everything.